Video animation 5.37min H.264 2720x1530px mp4 Music ft Lewis Burns on didge

Eulomogo is a land area near Dubbo City on Wiradjuri country in south-eastern Australia. Featuring the didge of Lewis Burns this piece makes visual the energies embedded in the form and substance of country.

This is still life

Video animation 3.52min.HD.mp4 Music: Bobby Cole

Although we would prefer it otherwise, even the gaps of loss and grief are still life.


Must Go to Kandos

Mpg file. vertical format 3.19min. End sequence of a 57min road animation shown at Cementa17.

This work was made during a residency at Kandos Projects in 2016. The work is addressing the social and cultural changes taking place in this small rural town, whose primary industry- the cement works, has closed down. I propose a model of decrescendo toward cultural, civic and economic overlay. Settling into regeneration rather than pursuing outcomes. 

Free PINs

Calligraphy performance at Cementa17, Kandos NSW. Acrylic polymer on cardboard box sides, numbered, initialled, stamped on verso. Various sizes from approx. 40x60cm to 10x30cm. Site visitors rolled a 10-sided die, to generate a six-digit random PIN. Jack wrote and gave out 286 numbers during the 3 day festival. Video courtesy Peter Aland


Moon River Bridge and the Tower of Babel

Video and guitar by FishdogJack 2016. 4.05min digital video HD. Produced at Kandos Projects residency and premiered One Eye Film Festival. A piece about cultural contrast, loss and change.


Video / painting is a process developed while in residence at Hazlehurst Gallery and Artspace in Sydney in 2008. At Hazlehurst I was given use of the small cinema to produce the 3.2 x 5.0 painted screens on heavy-duty PCV. These and some early works in this series were exhibited at Carriageworks in late 2008 in a show called FishDogWood.

The seductive experience in-gallery (size does matter) comes from the theatrical tradition of grand historic canvases. “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” 1587 in Toledo, Spain by El Greco looks modest and awkward as a reproduction, but is alive with nuance and majesty in life. The artist makes you aware that you are here at this moment with the work and its story. Similarly, video / painting, using the conventional editing technique of fade-in / fade-out gives presence to the painting and stasis to the video. The viewers inner eye has belief suspended between the certainty of the media, and the wonder at its own projecting desires. Like a sunset, beautiful because it is transient.


Video / painting 2009. First exhibited at Gaffa Sydney. Screen is acrylic on board 120 x 90 cm. Video is 5.02min continuous loop


Boat Harbour

Video / painting produced during a residency at Hazlehurst Gallery in 2008. First exhibited at CarriageWorks Sydney. The sound file is a mash-up of street dialogue from Kings Cross, and a ranger telling us to get off Boat Harbour beach. The screen is acrylic on heavy duty PVC, 220 x 385 cm, video 5.0min loop.


William Street- Sun, Wind, Time

Video / painting created during a residency at Hazlehurst Gallery and first exhibited at CarriageWorks Sydney in 2008. This work features the old  Darlinghurst Fire Station building in Kings Cross. The screen is acrylic on heavy duty PVC 240 x 360 cm. 5.0min loop play projection.


Normal is a Cycle on a Washing Machine

Video / painting commissioned for the exhibition Pen to Power -Map Your Mind to Recovery at Western Plains Cultural Centre in early 2016. The graphics were painted directly to the gallery wall, and my good friend and colleague Peter Aland cheerfully edited the clips. Most of the clips are stock, but the washing machine I shot in our laundry, the clothes line is from Peter and Vicki's bush hideaway and the carousel owe shot at Leicester Square in London last winter. The wall space was 290 x 550 cm, acrylic polymers on plasterboard. Video 2.40min single projector loop play.