Ambient video

Added on by Jack Randell.

A new process developed at my 2016 Kandos Projects residency for Cementa17. This is ambient rather than narrative video- the last work for screen was a 57 minute loop- not meant to be seen from beginning to end, but dropped in on, and taken away as an after image, or an after-affect. The new stuff is shot in the round, from which stills are extracted every second frame. The stills bundle is script-processed and re-introduced as animation. The exciting thing about this treatment is that it expands to painting and drawing as well, so that the subject matter is explored from multiple material perspectives, before, during and after the video shoot. 

This painting is associated with the Cementa17 video  Must Go to Kandos

Ponto from Bridge- Furtive Portrait 2017 acrylic, conte, ink on paper on board. 17.5x29cm