Added on by Jack Randell.

Bruegel meets Mondrian, in a new FishdogJack collaboration.

As a framework for visual dialogue on the folly and faculty of collaboration, Jack will be seeking participants in re-imaging Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “The Tower of Babel”, (Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam).

A synopsis is available by email through the Fishdog contact page.

Selected participants request a ‘tile’ by number from the grid image on the Fishdog collaborations page.

Method: A sepia line drawing is presented as a gridded map. From the map one portion of the grid is offered to participants for re-imaging.

Selected ‘tiles’ may be rendered in collage, wash, pencil, digital or Mondrian’s palette - all media are possible. On return the 'tiles' are re-composited, photographed and returned to the participant as a high resolution file for their own use, or re-use.

Each ‘tile’ is re-positioned to its place on the map and published on Fishdog as the portions are completed.

Participation in Jack Randell’s collaborative artwork is free, and is invited under the Share Alike terms of Creative Commons- CC by SA 4.0–