Swan Hill National Print and Drawing Awards

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'Bodangora Contour' was selected for the 2018 Swan Hill National Print and Drawing Awards.

This series evolved from video animation techniques I developed for work selected for screening in 2017 for Cementa17 and the One Eyed Film Festival. I take a coloured still, run a Photoshop script, resulting in a coloured contour drawing. For these drawings I have the file printed on archival paper, then over-work with other media by hand.

The smaller versions of these are available for purchase from $69 framed in the merch cabinets at Western Plains Cultural Centre. The larger works are available directly from the Fishdog studio.

   'Bodangora Contour'   mixed media on Hahnemühle photo rag. 24x38cm. 2018

'Bodangora Contour' mixed media on Hahnemühle photo rag. 24x38cm. 2018

Art Club at the Central West Leadership Academy

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Age: 7-12 yrs    Time: 3.45-4.45pm Mondays during term
Cost: $130 total- 7 week term including materials (10 places only) 
Program: Term 2- This term we focus on Character in Line 

Studio Learning 
Using studio based methods  our after school workshops are  designed to improve creative  outcomes for the junior learner. 
Limited to 10 places, our small  group studio environment will  develop confidence through  painting and drawing with  simple graphic techniques.  
Tuition payment is in full at the  beginning of term. 

All materials and equipment are supplied iat Art Club, with the learner developing a portfolio of paintings  and drawings. Each learner will take home a framed and ready to hang painting at the end of term. 

Registration details by the contact page in this web, or [email protected]

  'Bonsai'  ink and graphite on paper. 20x13cm. 2018

'Bonsai' ink and graphite on paper. 20x13cm. 2018

Mal Morris -Carving

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Charles Sturt University (CSU) approached me to consult on their new exhibition space in the refurbed main building at the Dubbo campus. We discussed some call-out strategies and exhibition documents. Bart Sykes from the Dubbo campus wanted me to exhibit first up, but I wasn't able to accomodate his dates. I suggested Mal Morris who I new was working on some cultural material we had developed in community workshops called "Carved-Up".

So we had some meeting, calls and discussions and Mal has developed this splendid body of work. It marks a maturation of Mal's investigations into cultural carving, and is a fantastic first exhibition for the new CSU community exhibition space.

Where:         CSU- 8 Tony McGrane Place Dubbo

When:           Opening reception 2pm Saturday 1st July

View:             26th June – 25th August 2017

Mal Morris with his new body of work. Photo jack Randell

Ambient video

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A new process developed at my 2016 Kandos Projects residency for Cementa17. This is ambient rather than narrative video- the last work for screen was a 57 minute loop- not meant to be seen from beginning to end, but dropped in on, and taken away as an after image, or an after-affect. The new stuff is shot in the round, from which stills are extracted every second frame. The stills bundle is script-processed and re-introduced as animation. The exciting thing about this treatment is that it expands to painting and drawing as well, so that the subject matter is explored from multiple material perspectives, before, during and after the video shoot. 

This painting is associated with the Cementa17 video  Must Go to Kandos   https://youtu.be/cZ60oHHOGdM

Ponto from Bridge- Furtive Portrait 2017 acrylic, conte, ink on paper on board. 17.5x29cm

Pen to Power

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FishdogJack has curated an exhibition about health recovery processes based on the principles of mind mapping. 30 January - 24 April. Western Plains Cultural Centre.

Jack is also creating a new video/painting titled "Normal is a cycle on a washing machine" for this exhibition, with the assistance of videographer Peter Aland.

I am deeply grateful to the team I work with including Toni Grant, Tim Manning, Tim Carr, Karen Romalis and Karen Hagen. The project could not have happened without the support of the Rotary Club of South Dubbo, NEAMI National and Western Plains Cultural Centre.

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Farting Cockatoos

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A new public artwork will be launched on a prime Dubbo City street-scape in August, 2015.

As you approach the mural, a hidden motion-detecting device will activate a raucous soundscape at certain points along the 45-metre façade. 

The 45 metre long creation will energise the street front on the building site adjacent the Milestone at 199 Macquarie Street, Dubbo.


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Bruegel meets Mondrian, in a new FishdogJack collaboration.

As a framework for visual dialogue on the folly and faculty of collaboration, Jack will be seeking participants in re-imaging Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “The Tower of Babel”, (Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam).

A synopsis is available by email through the Fishdog contact page.

Selected participants request a ‘tile’ by number from the grid image on the Fishdog collaborations page.

Method: A sepia line drawing is presented as a gridded map. From the map one portion of the grid is offered to participants for re-imaging.

Selected ‘tiles’ may be rendered in collage, wash, pencil, digital or Mondrian’s palette - all media are possible. On return the 'tiles' are re-composited, photographed and returned to the participant as a high resolution file for their own use, or re-use.

Each ‘tile’ is re-positioned to its place on the map and published on Fishdog as the portions are completed.

Participation in Jack Randell’s collaborative artwork is free, and is invited under the Share Alike terms of Creative Commons- CC by SA 4.0– http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode

Mark Nugent Coachbuilder

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Short doco directed by FishdogJack for ABC Open. https://open.abc.net.au/explore/96364

Mark is a friend whose conversation I enjoy on a range of topics from physics to music. We are usually looking for underlying cultural and intellectual trends in the subjects we discuss.

I share his sensibilities to material and method and the pragmatic application of ideas in the real world.

Muchas gracias to Mark Nugent, Peter Aland- editor, Belinda Soole- video and stills and Wez Thompson- soundscape.

Source: https://vimeo.com/130383639

Muswellbrook Art Prize 2015

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"Landscape (unknown)" 2013 acrylic on map on foam core 34x31cm

Selected for the Muswellbrook Art Prize 2015.

01 March - 19 April


Yetta Dhinnakkal

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Collaborative mural produced with Aboriginal trainees for NSW Department of Justice agency in Bourke

Bourke COS Office Community Mural

Bourke COS Mural 2014 acrylic on compressed cement sheet 100x300cm

ELECTROLAPSE at Vivid Sydney

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Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June


Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay

I will be joining a bunch of beamer (projection) artists to screen "Oh, the River People" and other video/online works at this gig.


Carved Up

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Carved Up- by Design is a series of workshops aimed at exploring identity and tradition through design.

The results were exhibited at the Fire Station Arts Centre Gallery, Dubbo from 1-16 May 2014.

A paper on the project is available by request.

Details are available by sending an enquiry through the Fishdog Contact page.

The next workshops- digital, painting and carving- are set for August-October in 2014. The exhibition and workshops are partnered with Orana Arts Inc and funded by the Indigenous Culture Support Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department. 

 Design by Dylan Goolagong

Design by Dylan Goolagong

太田宿 Ōta-juku (after Hiroshige)

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Exhibited at the Minokamo Culture Forest Museum, Gifu Prefecture, Japan from February 14, 2014. 

Ōta-juku (after Hiroshige) is a collaborative artwork in 35 parts. Jack brushed a line image of the Ando Hiroshige print Ōta-juku from the Kisokaido series. The line image was then cut into 35 separate “tiles”.

18 artists from the sister cities of Minokamo in Japan, and 17 artists from Dubbo in Australia, were invited to re-imagine this famous Kiso River image. Each artist would bring courteous homage to the great Hiroshige in a spirit of creative cooperation and goodwill.  Each “tile” is 14 x 15.5cm on 535gsm watercolour paper and has a portion of the brushed outline copied from Hiroshige’s original image.

The exhibition launch at Minokamo Culture Forest on 15 February 2014 was a great success, with around 150 visitors, including Mayor Hiroto Fujii and Minokamo City officials attending.   Jack also conducted a calligraphy demonstration where he brushed Japanese names in English script as individual gifts to Minokamo citizens.  

 Minokamo Culture Forest Museum, Day one for Ota Juku (after Hiroshige), Feb 14 2014

Minokamo Culture Forest Museum, Day one for Ota Juku (after Hiroshige), Feb 14 2014

 Japanese names in English, calligraphy gift to exhibition visitors, Minokamo Culture Forest Museum, Feb 15 2014

Japanese names in English, calligraphy gift to exhibition visitors, Minokamo Culture Forest Museum, Feb 15 2014